Azure Standard (first order!)

I have so many things to ramble on about; I probably have a dozen posts started. That is something you should know about me. I’m random. Really random. I’m not sure how this blog will take shape (“take shape” is a pretty code phrase for “be organized”), but I’m going to keep on writing.

Today, I must tell you about Azure Standard because I don’t want to wait any longer. You need to know. Right now. It would be wrong for me to keep this secret for one more minute.

Azure sells quality bulk, natural, and organic foods through a co-op system. They have recently expanded their routes and now deliver to the Midwest! If you want to know if they have a route in your state, give them a call. If you want to browse the website to check out products & prices, sign up for an account.

Here are some pictures of my first order. Why would a woman take pictures of her Azure Standard order? She is either crazy or starting a food blog. Or maybe both.

A quartet of big bags–one hundred pounds of organic food for $70.80 (plus the 8.5% delivery fee). Yes.

25# organic red beans
25# organic soft white wheat berries (for milling into flour)
25# organic rolled oats
25# organic cornmeal

If you are wondering how I store all of this, I will have to save that post for another day (because my storage solutions are still “taking shape”–wink, wink).

Other goodies from my first order ~

20 lbs. of organic Honeycrisp apples ($23) A yummy bargain!

5 1/2 pounds organic raw cheddar ($7/lb) and 5 lbs. Raw Wheatgerm ($4)

and 10 1/2 pounds organic black beans ($15) and Celtic Sea Salt Crystals, Light Grey ($4)

Now, let’s chat about why Azure is fab. I called and asked questions. Lots of questions. Here is what I gathered from my phone interview . . .

Azure does not carry products containing
~ GMOs
~ artificial preservatives
~ artificial sweeteners
~ artificial colors

Azure would never knowingly carry a product that’s been commercially sprayed with poison (pesticides, herbicides, or any other cides). This is good news for those of us who want to eat organic berries and nuts but can’t manipulate the budget to pay the price for organic. Some of the farms supplying Azure may spray around the edges of the crop before the plant or fruit emerges. This isn’t ideal, but it is a better option than most of the nuts and berries I find in the grocery store (which have been commercially sprayed). Azure also carries transitional products from farms that are in process of becoming certified organic. The transitional products are basically organic, but you get them at a lower cost because the farm doesn’t have the organic stamp (yet).

I’ll be placing my second order with Azure next week. And I’m excited about it! Excited enough to take pictures when it comes in? Yes.

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  • Kyla:

    This is great! I’ve been shopping the catalog. I wanna place an order so bad but I haven’t yet. Isn’t it great that they are finally coming to our neck of the woods? I looked into ordering from them about a year ago and we weren’t on the route. It looks like you really scored!
    Kyla recently posted..All About Reading Pre-1My Profile

    • ami:

      Do you like the catalog? I found it to be pretty intense! It’s like a Rainbow Resource for food. 😉

      fyi~ The prices online are more accurate than the catalog. :)

  • Cindy:

    Very nice!!

  • WOW!! So great! I can’t wait to start ordering from Azure. We are currently in a co-op for grassfed, pasture raised meat, eggs and milk and now I need to make the leap into my pantry!

    And everything just came full circle for me… I just realized you are my favorite homeschool blogger!! I follow that blog too!! Ok Ami! You are amazing!!

    Keep up the great work! You are a lifeline for mommy’s like me!
    Molly recently posted..January Fun!My Profile

  • Tara:

    Oh my! I’m so jealous of your raw cheese:-) I can’t believe you can purchase it for $7.00/lb. Those are some crazy good prices! Just wondering…….what are you going to do with 20lb of apples? Will you be able to store or are you planning to can?

    I agree with Molly~you are one of my favorite homeschool bloggers! I love your creativity and sweet personality that show in every post.

    I really look forward to this blog!
    Tara recently posted..What is Sensory Processing Disorder? and New Post SeriesMy Profile

    • ami:


      We ate the 20 lbs. of apples; they lasted exactly 2 weeks! My kids are allowed to grab apples as they wish (for snacks). If they waste one (decide they don’t want to eat the entire thing), they have to pay me $1!

      This month, I’m hoping to order Fuji apples. If I have too many (which I doubt will happen), I’m going to try a new recipe for “big slice” applesauce. It looks so good. Yes, I will can that. I have a hot water bath canner, so I can do apple products and tomato products. However, I’m not anticipating having any left to can. I’ll probably order really HUGE batches of apples in the fall from Azure and can some of those for winter treats.

      You and Molly are super sweet and encouraging. Thank you so much.

  • This is phenominal! I will definitely check to see if they have anything near us… definitely worth it!
    Jeff Hendricks recently posted..De-Fredding the Long Haul TruckerMy Profile

  • Jen:

    We just got the catalogs in the mail! I’m so excited to order. And of course post pictures.
    Jen recently posted..Happy Homemaker MondayMy Profile

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