Peanut Butter (r)Evolution

I plan on doing a series of these (r)evolution posts to show where we started and where we are now with certain foods. We’ve been changing for so long that I don’t remember when some of these changes occurred, but I can assure you it’s been a slow, slow process. Slow and steady.

I picked peanut butter for my first post because . . . I don’t really have a clue. Maybe because it’s one of the few whole foods I purchased with coupons.

We started with reduced fat because I thought less fat was best. I started to read labels (16 ingredients in peanut butter?) and switched to regular Jif  and later to Skippy Natural. After learning that most peanuts are contaminated with mold (aflatoxin) and that they are one of the most pesticide-contaminated crops, I made one final move– organic peanut butter (yes, I have to stir it; yes, I’m okay with that).

I could write a dissertation on the ingredient lists below, but that would bore you and I have to go grab some pumpkin bread from the oven in approximately three minutes.  So, instead, you get the flow chart.

You have to consider your time, your money, and even your sanity as you start your own food (r)evolution. Slow and steady.

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  • Tara:

    Great visual Ami! The really sad and scary part is that food companies (and our government) have convinced the general public that the foods that are the worst for us (reduced fat, skim milk, diet drinks) are really the healthiest! It really saddens me that so many loving and concerned mommies think they are feeding their children a healthy diet with highly processed, sugary, dyed foods because of false advertsing. These are mommies (like I used to be) who really want whats best for their children, but have been deceived.

    Thanks for another great post!
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  • That’s crazy!

    I buy the kind of peanut butter you have to stir and it’s really not that much effort.

    You’ve planted a seed though. I’m really considering giving up couponing 😉
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  • kelly:

    This was one of the first things we changed too. Now we make our own peanut butter in our vitamix-fresh, warm, and creamy! You could even add a little honey if ya want. Just be careful when buying your peanuts (we buy them at costco), but those can also have a TON of ingredients. (ugh/sigh) Ours just have peanuts/salt. I think the hard fast rule of (r)evolution is taking the time to read, read, read the ingredients lists. =0)

    If you don’t have a vitamix, this link show how to make peanut butter in your food processor. =0)

    It literally takes minutes to make. I store it in our pantry in a canning jar. With our family of 6 I make it fresh probably every other week or so. =0)
    Loving your posts Ami!

  • Christa:

    Yeah, we’ve gone this step-by-step way as well. Luckily we’ve found peanut butter that we don’t have to stir…and I’m pretty sure it’s organic, but I guess I’ll have to chart. “See how many ingredients something has” is our MAIN food-picking criteria if we buy anything that is pre-made. It really frustrates me that I can buy mac n’ cheese in a box that has 4 ingredients and real cheese. I mean, I’m not expecting that everyone eats health food but for things like this— if it CAN be done, why ISN’T it done?

  • Kyla:

    Wow! I had no idea there was so much junk in peanut butter! Thanks for opening my eyes, Ami!
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  • Ami, we have been using the Skippy Natural for several years now and love it! I have tried to love the organic kind you stir SEVERAL times…I just can’t do it! I love my peanut butter too much. :) I don’t know…maybe someday. ha!!

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