The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~ March Edition

The Good 

1. Double Coconut Muffins

These were delicious. The best muffin I’ve tried in a long, long time.

I made a few changes. My coconut is unsweetened (and unsulfured and fine, if you care), so I upped the sugar to a whopping 1/2 cup. I also went with half and half for the flour mix (half whole wheat pastry flour and half unbleached flour).

I’ll be making these again (and again).

2. Asian Slaw with Ginger-Peanut Dressing

I put together this slaw for a cook-out. I thought it was okay. My siblings thought it was crazy-good. I want to make some changes next time, but before I announced my desire to do so my brother (knowing me too well) insisted, “Don’t change a thing!” I honestly think the dressing needs to pack a better punch (more soy sauce? more honey?); I also wished I would’ve added the peanuts right before serving. They were a bit soggy, and I wanted to spit them out. Why is this in the good category, again?

The Bad

1. Homemade Pudding

I really wanted to make homemade banana pudding for the aforementioned cook-out.

I really thought this recipe would be a winner. How can you go wrong with half and half, eggs, butter, and vanilla? I know. Because I did. Add some nutmeg to it. And make it extra runny — it’s a special talent.

The nutmeg totally stole the show from the vanilla. I mean every bite screamed “Nutmeg!” And I like nutmeg. But not in my pudding. This might be because I buy amazingly powerful nutmeg from Penzey’s Spices, but I’m not going to try this one again. We’ll turn to another recipe for homemade pudding (one with more cornstarch; no more drinkable pudding for us).

The Ugly

1. Something burning black (no link this time; this was all me)

I think that’ll do for the March Edition.

I can’t wait for April. I’m shooting for everything in the GOOD category (my family all has their fingers crossed as I type this)!

6 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~ March Edition”

  • Jey:

    Sorry the pudding didn’t turn out the way you were expecting. I didn’t have any trouble with it being too runny.
    Jey recently posted..Second Annual Heart Healthy Roundup!My Profile

    • ami:

      I’m sure the runny-ness factor was all me. :) Next time I’m going to boost the cornstarch and hope for the best. Of course, I might not be cut-out for homemade pudding. We’ll see. :)

  • kelly:

    The good_that asian slaw looks amazing, just pinned it!
    The bad_ my pans have looked worse than that. lol =0) The trick to make them look new again- make a paste of baking soda and water- let it sit overnight and it comes off easily. If it’s really, really bad, you may have to do that twice. =0) Works like a charm, natural cleaner and barely any scrubbing!

  • Make sure you constantly stir your pudding when cooking it and cook on medium heat. If your pan is one that burns often, try not to scrape the bottom after the pudding bubbles that way, the pudding is still okay if you pour it out quickly. If it is slightly, very slightly burnt just add chocolate chips to mask the burnt flavor. It works like magic.

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